Job Vacancy – Perpetrator of Retribution – 5 Figure Salary and Benefits


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If you are struggling to find a decent, well paid job in your own country,  or you belong to the Lost Generation of Greeks and Spaniards who suffer from 50% youth unemployment,  you might consider joining Saudi Arabia’s Ministry Of Civil Service as a Perpetrator Of Retribution.

The New York Times reports today that the Government of Saudi Arabia is hiring 8 executioners to behead sentenced drug offenders and thieves.

Candidates should be:

…particularly adept at wielding a sword and believe strongly that stiff penalties for crime play an important role in deterring future misdeeds…

Should you consider that your professional experience and academic background fit the requirements of the advertised position, you can apply online by following this link.

A Booming Sector

The Capital Punishment sector is well placed to benefit from a sustained boom over the next 10 years: executioner’s skills are in high demand.


As The Economist reports, China is by far the most prolific executioner and, although numbers are shrouded in secrecy, around 8% of judicial killings in 2014 were for drug crimes.

In Iran, almost half of the 278 people executed in 2014 were for drug offences. But this year alone, 241 traffickers have been put to death.


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