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The New European Blog is a dynamic space for personal stories and commentary on current global events.

A New European blog post can reach a wide audience, in 69 countries on 5 continents. Select posts are highlighted in the New European newsletter. New European might also promote your post to our Twitter followers, our 2,000-member Facebook community, and the 200 management professionals in our LinkedIn group. Depending on the content of the post, it might be cross-posted on relevant blogs and email distribution lists.

Guest blog posts should relate directly to our purpose and mission to research and publish content that appeals both to the heart and mind of our readers, with an original, matter-of-fact and genuine global perspective.

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Ande Nokte
Ande Nokte
Ande Noktes is the founder of Midtown International School and International Preschools in Atlanta, USA. She has 18 years of experience in education and educational administration. Her many years abroad and multicultural family at home have reinforced her passion for globally-minded education in the day to day practices of a school. [more info]

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Juan Valera Mariscal
Social Psychologist, Internal Gamification Expert, Executive Coach, Human Resources Consultant, Blogger in Juan Valera Mariscal is the author of various books, papers and articles on “Gamification” of the corporate processes and dynamics. He has lectured in various universities and business schools in 3 continents and has coached and trained more than 5000 executives of some of the largest world corporations. [more info]

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