New European Center0006

Newspaper add of the New European Language Center from 1976

The New European Center was founded by Angelo Marcello Mazza in 1970 in Milan (Italy). From the very beginning, the mission of its founder was to organize:

“educational experiences that touch and make a difference in people´s life, making them better citizens of Europe and indeed the world, by providing language and communictions skills and facilitating meaningful travel experiences and a deeper sense of common human values, history and nature.”

The name New European originates at a time when Europe was moving towards ever closer institutional and social integration, building on common values and heritage and overcoming centuries of bloody wars amongst its nation states with the creation of the European Union.

The vision delt with preparing European citizens  for the new challanges and opportunities that the new global world was creating.

Throughout the decades, the New European Center of Milan was involved in the organization of countless projects, activities and events, including:

  • Direct foreign language teaching to more than 20 thousand students of all ages in its Milan premises, being an examination center of the Trinity College of London, the German Goethe Institute and the Spanish Instituto Cervantes.
  • Direct consulting to corporations of the Milan area, including foreign language teaching, executive training in communciation skills and coaching.
  • Cooperation with the programs of  the  American Field Service and Intercultura to facilitate exchange programs for Italian teen-age students who spent a school year in a foreign country living with a local host family and for foreign students spending a year in Italy.
  • Cooperation with the programs of Instituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne (IULM) university of Milan (Italy) and the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (Spain) to organize summer language immersion vacations for hundreds of Italian university students.

Year after year, decade after decade, the mission of the New European is still very present and alive.

Today, the New European has developed into be an international network that joins organizations, corporations, individual professional, free agents, volunteer workers and friends who share the same vision of education as a bonding and transformational experience that can change the world by improving people´s life.

The New European Network cooperates and leads on specific projects with Government departments, organisations, teams and individuals who are serious about developing their skills, relationships, and achieving sustained, positive results.

The New European funds its activities by providing consulting services in the following fields:

We balance carefully our profit and non-profit projects and activities in order to achieve the maximum impact and fulfill our mission of providing educational experiences that touch and make a difference in people´s life with financial sustainability.




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